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General Considerations when Packing
Keep the weight and bulk down to a minimum. Baggage allowance on most international flights is 20 Kg's/44 lbs.. Most people tend to bring more clothes than they do actually need. You will only need one change of clothes for Kathmandu. On trek it is important to dress in layers. When it is hot you will only be wearing a base layer, when it gets colder you can add to this until you are wearing most of your clothes! During Kailash Parikarma, one bag per person would be carried on Yak. It is advisable to carry your stuff in a duffel bag rather than suitcase or other normal bags.
Following points must be kept in mind while preparing for & during the Holy Mt. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

During Parikarma

  • Walk gradually, don't compete with any one and never loose your temper as this is going to be the toughest journey you could have ever made so far.
  • Incase you feel any kind of breathlessness during parikarma, immediately inform our tour guide or sherpa staff & follow their advise.
  • On the second day of parikarma, you come across the maximum height at Dolmala Pass where Oxygen level is very low as such don't stop/wait there for more than 5 minutes.
  • During parikarma, you'll come across rivers and streams, you must wash your face occasionally with cold water. Avoid drinking water from streams or rivers en route.
  • As far as possible, try to walk. But, if you are riding a pony during parikarma, make sure that you hold it properly.
  • On the second day of parikarma, you will see several clothes lying on the rocks, please do't touch the same.
  • Guard yourself from slipping or falling to prevent fractures, sprains and muscle pulls.
  • Do not combine walking and sightseeing together. Inspect your track in front and trek slowly.
  • Travel in the group and do not leave any one behind unless escorted.

Before starting for Yatra

  • If you are asthmatic or have any kind of breathing problem, you should not travel.
  • Take advise of your doctor before undertaking this high altitude pilgrimage & always keep your usual/prescribed medicines (if any) along with beside basic medicines for fever, nausea, dehydration, vomiting bodyache and headache
  • Use very strong and rough bags to pack your belongings & don't keep the fragile items in your bag which has to be carried on the Yak. A duffel bag is advisable.
  • Don't forget to carry some eatables like sweets, chocolates, glucose, candies, mints, khakra, laddu/pinni etc.
  • If possible, engage yourself in some fitness exercise like aerobics every morning.
  • Don't et all expect luxury on this tour however as far as possible, our Sherpa team will ensure you the best journey/stay with us in this tough terrain.
  • It is always advisable to insure yourself against personal loss, injury/accident, death and emergency evacuation. Make sure that your policy covers Emergency Evacuation by Helicopter at high altitude treks.
  • As there is no Hindu Temple at Holy Lake and Mt. Kailash as such no priest is available. If you want some spiritual activity to be performed, please make sure that your personal priest accompany you from your own country or from Nepal. Do carry essential Havan Samagri, Havan Kunds etc. if you are willing to engage yourself in some spiritual ceremony like Havan (Yagna).
  • If possible, arrange your Chinese Yuans (which you might require to buy some souvenir or to pay for pony etc.) in your own coumtry or in Nepal as on the borders, exchange rate might differ. Alternately, you can carry US$ with you which can be easily converted but Indian Currency notes are not acceptable in Tibet. Do not carry Indian Currency Notes of 500 & 1000 denominations as these are not acceptable in Nepal and can not be exchanged.
  • Upon arrival at immigration desk at Tribhuan International Airport, please request the immigration officer to put an entry stamp in your passport otherwise you'll have to unnecessarily pay INR 500-1000 at Tibet immigration.
  • Don't take too much of clothes along with.

Prior to Parikarma

  • Start taking DIAMOX atleast 2 days before starting your journey - once every morning after the breakfast. It should be taken for 3-6 days. This is to minimize altitude sickness.
  • Drink at least 3 litres of mineral water everyday till you complete the Holy Yatra.
  • Avoid riding Yak during Kailash Parikarma. A pony is preferred over Yak.
  • Advise your requirements for Pony Hiring (available at an additional cost) to your tour guide at least a day before the beginning of Parikarma.

While on the Holy Lake

  • Don't take a Holy dip in Holy Mansarovar Lake while it is windy.
  • Never take a dip in Rakshas Tal (Lake) as its not auspicious.
  • If you face altitude sickness, do not proceed for parikarma because once you leave Mansarovar or Darchen and wish to come back from Parikarma due to any reason, there are no facilities available like stretcher etc. Even for Helicopter evacuation, it may take minimum 10 hrs. to a couple of days depending upon weather conditions.
  • Don't forget to collect some stones from The Holy Lake as each stone is treated as "Shivlinga".


  • If you smoke or consume alcohol, avoid it throughout the journey.
  • Eat as much as you could but avoid overeating.
  • Satellite phone being provided by us on use and pay basis is primarily to facilitate you during any emergency as such avoid making calls to your well wishers because charging facilities for satellite batteries are very limited and in case of excess usage, the satellite phone might be useless at the time of any emergency.
  • While in tents, make sure that it is properly zipped and your luggage (which is kept inside the tent) is not touching the tent's outer surface otherwise in case of rain you might find water inside your tent.
  • Try to be in your own tents while its too windy or sunny.
  • While staying in the guest house, avoid using public toilets as these are very dirty. It is advisable to use open area or our own toilet tents for toilet purpose.
  • Travel with the TEAM SPIRIT and help your group members in case of any need or emergency.
  • Please do not expect excellent vehicles in Tibet. The terrain being rough, vehicles are bound to break down but do not panic, the drivers are expert enough to repair it. Repaid may take few minutes to a couple of hours but please maintain patience as we can not leave group members behind.
  • As tents and other camping equipments move in trucks, it will take about 2 hours for our sherpa team to pitch-in tents once they reach camp site. Please have patience as truck speed can not be matched with your land cruiser's speed.

If you have a STRONG WILL POWER and belief in LORD SHIVA, no one can stop you in completing you this HOLY YATRA.