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Kailash Mansarovar - 13 Days
Helicopter Kailash - 10 Days
Mt.Kailash via Lhasa - 15 Days
Muktinath Darshan - 04 Days
Damodar Kunda - 04 Days
Nepal Tour - 10 Days
Helicopter Kailash - 11 Days
Helicopter Kailash - 12 Days
Surface Kailash - 14 Days
Kailash Mansarovar - 15 Days

Company Profile

We are pleased to inform that we are the ONLY Mount Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Operator having our associated chain of hotels / guest houses / Fixed Camps at Prayang, Mansarovar and Dirapuk which no other operator has. Now we are also setting up Fixed Tents in Zuthulpuk.


Why Us?
  • We, as proprietors have been lucky to remain busy doing the pilgrimage tour of the holy and sacred place of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra since 1985.

  • Successfully facilitating the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra of over thousand pilgrims to the Holy Land of Tibet.

  • Best available Accommodation at Hotels / Guest House during the Sacred Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

  • High Success rate for Parikrama of Sacred Kailash Yatra.

  • Accommodation at Mansarovar and Dirapuk in Pujya Muniji's Ashram.++

  • Being an Organizer. Vinubhai Patel & Ketanbhai Patel had finished 50 times Kailash Yatra.

  • Our Sherpa Team of expert professionals along with our expert Tour Manager provides you with enjoyable and safe tour with prompt and well co-ordinate services. Reliable co-operative and experienced English Speaking Tibetan Guide.

  • We do not believe in shortcut for success. as our prime objective is pilgrim's satisfaction and try us once to be always with us.

  • Personalized care and assistance for Senior Citizens going for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

  • Customized arrangement for private groups undertaking Yatra to Mount Kailash.

  • Complete and thorough training of yatris before embarking on this ultimate pilgrimage.

  • Personal escort for Sr. Citizens undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

  • Central Monitoring System - Daily update on whereabouts of Yatris.
Dr. Vinubhai Patel (Founder Member)

I have been lucky to remain busy doing the pilgrimage tours of the Holy and SACRED places of India since 1985. I can state with humble pride that I have the rich and varied experience of pilgrimage tour to Badrinath, kedarnath, Hemkundsahib, Valley of Flowers, Gangotri, Yamnotri, Gaumukth,VaishnoDevi,Amarnath, ect. Along with the trecking tours. I have the vast and varied experience of organizing the Bhagwat Katha of Morari Bapu 2011 August at the base camp of kailash & Rameshbhai Oza Sept 2012 at lake Mansrowar..

I have been lucky to remain busy doing the pilgrimage tours to Kailash Mansarovar for the last 18 years. My 21st pilgrimage tour in October 2005 was the most arduous trial but despite the violent snowing awful thundering and the low trembling climate of -20c degrees, I could accomplish it successfully by the Divine grace of Lord Shiva.

I have had many times the clear glimpses (Darshan) of Nandi Ashtapada from close vicinity. I cannot hold back the temptation of revealing the stark truth that. I have had the Revelation of God in 1998 and 2005.

Besides all these, I have had the experience of visiting the holy places of pilgrimage such as Muktinath,Damodarkund and Mt Everest base camp. In the pilgrimage tours the lady of luck showers success upon us because of our sterling virtues such as personal care of each pilgrim,high sense of hospitality,round the clock service selfless affection good and praiseworthy boarding and lodging facilities,prompt and unfailing medical treatment . These are the reasons why the tourists and pilgrims of India and from abroad eagerly join us in an ever-increasing number.
Ketan Vinubhai Patel

I am the proprietor of Neelkanth Tours and Travels. I have been busy organizing the pilgrimage tours to Kailas Mansarovar. I have visited Indian Sacred places of pilgrimage such as Badri, keder, Gangotri,Yamnotri, Vaishnon Devi.I have the vast experience of organizing the tours of these holy places.I have successfully and proudly completed the pilgrimage tours of Kailas Mansarovar for 57 times of which one of June 2005 was the most arduous trial, During that tour one had to walk ahead in the midst of hailing snow but by the Divine grace this Darshan Parikrama was totally successful. It added a glorious Feather to the cap. I am proud to state that I have been Fortunate enough to have the glorious glimpse (Darshan)of Nandi-Ashtapada from close vicinity.
Nilesh Vinubhai Patel

I have been the proprietor of Jai Kailas Tours and Travels. I have been busy in Carrying out the Office management of the pilgrimage tours. I have the vast and varied experience of organizing the management of providing the pilgrims with the comfortable lodging and boarding facilities,Visa,hotel,guest house ect.
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